Stage 3 review of AE inventories

Stage 3 review is a technical  in-depth review of selected countries, checking if submitted emission inventories are complete, consistent through the time, properly documented, and accurate. Annual in-depth review aims to be consistent across the Parties and the process should ensure that the same approach is performed each year.


The review of data reported under CLRTAP is performed jointly with those reported under the amended National Emissions Ceilings Directive (2001/81/EC) and the process is supported by the European Environment Agency (EEA).

The plan is to check in detail the inventories of each Party at least once every five years. (=> approximately 10 Parties to be reviewed annually).

Long term plan as updated after EMEP SB meeting in Sept. 2016

Year List of countries
2017   Albania**, Armenia*, Austria, Malta*, EU,  Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan*, Lichtenstein*, Monaco*, Montenegro**
2018 Bosnia & Herzegovina**, Finland
2016 Estonia, Georgia, Iceland, Luxembourg, FYR. of Macedonia,  Russian Fed., Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom
  2015 Azerbaijan, Belarus, Czech Rep., Ireland, Rep. of Moldova, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine
  2014 Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Spain
  2013 Bulgaria, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden

Next in-depth review of selected inventories  is planned for May-June, meeting of ERTs is planned  for  June 2017, Copenhagen at EEA.  10 countries considered for the 2017 review see in table above.    

  • Reporting of Armenia, Kazakhstan and  Kirgizstan improved, but for the in-depth review data, particularly IIRs need further elaboration
  • Malta did not submit IIR within last 3 years
  • Lichtenstein and Monaco  did not submit IIR since 2014
  • Albania did not report any data inventory data within last 4 years – latest submission from 2012
  • Montenegro did not report any data within last 3 years – latest submission from 2013
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina did not submit  any inventory so far, review  postponed to 2018  
  • Finland asked EMEP/CEIP for postponing its review - planned now for 2018 


27 countries have been successfully reviewed in period 2013-15. Review of Switzerland planed for 2015 has been postponed  to the year 2016.  The changes in 2014 review plan have been agreed during the EMEP SB bureau meeting in March 2014. The UNECE secretariat informed concerned Parties about the upcoming changes.

  • In-depth inventory review of the Netherlands and Ireland has been postponed to the year 2015. Review of Germany and Croatia has been conducted instead.
  • Russia and Moldova did not submit inventory data in 2014, therefore the centralised in-depth review of these 2 countries has been cancelled.

History of stage 3 in depth reviews of AE inventories 2008-2012

Year List of countries
   2008 France, Norway, Portugal and Sweden (voluntary)
   2009  Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Spain
  2010 Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Russian Federation*, Slovakia, Switzerland and United Kingdom
  2011 Czech Republic, Belarus, Croatia, Estonia*, Greece*, Iceland, Luxembourg, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Slovenia and Ukraine*
  2012 Albania*, Georgia*, European Community, Liechtenstein*, Malta*, Monaco*, Republic of Moldova*, Montenegro*, Serbia* and Turkey*


Centralised review

10 Parties have been reviewed in 2016.  Final country review reports will be  posted here before EB meeting


Next centralised review meeting is planned for  June 2017
(at EEA premises in Copenhagen). 10 countries should be reviewed.

Roster of review experts

Roster of review experts

22 Parties (from 49 eligible) nominated 91 emission inventory experts to the EMEP/CEIP roster. [PDF, 324KB]


Nomination form [DOC, 59KB]to be downloaded.

 Supporting materials for the review teams:

Last Update: 28.11.2016