Review results

The inventories (NFR tables) submitted under CLRTAP and NECD are annually reviewed by CEIP in cooperation with EEA in line with UNECE Review Guidelines [PDF, 68KB]. The feedback is provided to countries via CEIP contact points [PDF, 131KB] before 30 March (stage 1) and in April (stage 2). Parties should provide comments within 4 weeks after they receive results.



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A centralized in-depth review (Stage 3) of quantitative (NFR) and qualitative (IIR) information of selected inventories by pollutant and sector is performed annually for up to 10 countries as in the work plan agreed by the EMEP Executive Body. Countries have oportunity to comment the review reports before published. The final results  are published by CEIP after completed by expert review teams.(Stage 3 country review reports)

CEIP/GAINS comparisons

Download Excel charts with summary results of comparisons of emissions reported to CEIP with emissions caculated by GAINS [ZIP, 1.8MB] (CIAM) for the years 2000 and 2005. Status as of 30 June 2009.


MSC-E & CEIP Joint Reports 2016-2017


Joint CEIP/MSC-E technical report on emission inventory improvement for heavy metals modeling [PDF, 2.0MB]


Joint CEIP/MSC-E technical Report on emission inventory improvement for persistent organic pollutants modeling [PDF, 4.3MB]