Visualization of LPS data in Google Earth

With this service it is possible to visualize reported Large Point Sources (LPS), available in the CEIP database. Software can be dowloaded from the Google Earth webpage.


By clicking on a particular LPS on the map you are able to fade in information about the emissions stored at present for selected facility. Parties are invited to check their LPS data and resubmit corrected or updated information if necessary. A list of LPS data reported by individual countries [PDF, 42KB] provides an overview of information in the CEIP database.


A klick on the button Search for reported Large Point Sources opens a new browser window with a search assistant, where you can select step by step the Large Point Sources you want to visualise in Google Earth.

Dieses Service steht zur Zeit leider nicht zur Verfügung.


For more assistance please read the User guide to WebDab.


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